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Need inspiration =(

2007-07-22 19:09:19 by XGetu

I like making flash animations, but until now i start one, and i CANT finish it cause i need some motivation..... and now i have nothing... also im lazy to draw characters or things...

i hope u could motivate me =(



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2007-08-04 08:24:44

nice first flash. i liked it.
motivation: other peoples good flash.
things that motivate me are things like tankmen and Metal Gear Awesome.
look around. newgrounds is the flash king and all around you is a treasure chest that only requires a peak inside to be inspired. nice cheasy line eh? :D ...
note: you have to also CAN NOT get bored with a flash that takes too long( its ruined alot of my flashe: because i forget about them and then don't want to do it again later.)
hope that helps.